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The family i never trust
Saturday, 14 January 2017 | 0Bubble

This might make you think , "what do you mean by the family you never trust?" . Well its true . Even thought i have a family , i only see THEM like that from outside . But deep inside i see them as a complete stranger . A bug , a prison , an existence that makes me felt that i shouldnt live with this kind of people .

I know its kinda sad that i didnt cherish them like other people . A an ungrateful person . well I dont care. I'm tired playing the good child role for whole my life . I'm tired to listen their shittyful words where all i can hear are lies .

To begin with , this family has been a complete mess since long before i was born . With the dad that always has eyes on every women . A complete useless father . And a mother that always protecting the father even thought he done shit to her .

Also , a sibling which is full of shitty personality where they only see me as a person that needs to find money for their well-being and needs even thought im not the oldest . I had o make a huge debt just so they can live happily and show off to their friends .

I'm so SO SO TIRED of this shit like family . I need help where i can start a newly fresh start....

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